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by mattie on August 25, 2011

When it comes to cross dressing, there are a few things that can really help your appearance. Adding curves in the right places with a pair of breast forms is near the top of that list for me. Over the years I’ve been able to try a few things – from stuffing my shirt with wadded up wash cloths as a child, to super basic foam inserts from ebay, to the more common mastectomy breast forms. When I got the chance to review “Real Breasts” from the makers of Real Doll I jumped at the opportunity. So far as high quality and realistic forms go, these forms have a very good reputation for being super realistic, and high quality because they are completely hand made.

This review will focus on my experience in receiving the forms, and my thoughts about wearing them after trying them out for a while. For more complete information and options see the Real Breast website.

The box arrived at my front door in nondescript packaging, with a return address that didn’t indicate what was inside the box. The packaging was also excellent. The forms were each packed in individual small boxes.

My Real Breasts - Shipping Box Real Breasts - Box

Opening the boxes reveals the forms themselves.

My Real Breasts - Packaging Real Breast - Interior

Now. These forms are made to be ultra-realistic. You can see many pictures about how the forms look on the Real Breast website and elsewhere around the web. These forms are so realistic in fact, that I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to post duplicate pictures of the forms in the nude. Needless to say, much care goes into making the forms have an ultra-realistic look. This is where I think having hand made forms really adds to the realism. These forms have small “blemishes” on them for example that are consistent with the quality of human skin. They are not only one monotone skin tone, but they vary just slightly – much like your own skin does. As for the nipple, this is also extremely detailed and natural looking. When you order the forms the company can customize the forms however you want to match your skin tone, preferred areola size, and other customizations.

The forms also have a good weight to them, and are very soft. Like most forms, these are more firm than human breast tissue in my opinion, but they are the closest thing to it that I’ve ever felt.

Since I was only sent a pair to review, I wasn’t able to choose specific options for the forms. The color was not matched to my skin, and the forms were not customized for my specific taste. So keep that in mind as I express my opinion here. Some of the shortcomings I found could be overcome if one was careful in ordering and customized the forms to fit their individual taste.

Overall as I said, these are the most realistic looking and feeling forms I’ve ever experienced. However, there were a couple things about these forms that I think one should consider when thinking about whether to go with forms like these, or another variety.

First, is that these forms take a while to put on. Because the forms are so ultra realistic, they are somewhat fragile. Taking them off their holders for example takes a little time and patience because the edges of the forms are so thin and somewhat delicate (you won’t tear them if you’re careful, but if you just pulled them off recklessly you could potentially tear the thin membrane on the side.) The purpose of the thin membrane on the side is to allow the forms to blend with your skin better – and they do a pretty good job of that. The tradeoff for that though is that it takes extra time and patience to get the forms off their holders, positioned right on your chest, and then put on your chest. This form requires more work than some of the other ones that trade realism for convenience.

The second thing about these particular forms I received is that despite the ultra-realistic nipple, it was too much for my taste. Keep in mind in the picture below that the forms were not exactly matched to my skin tone (I didn’t have that option for this review).

Real Breast Forms - In Bra Real Breasts Review

The fact that the areolas on these forms were so large meant that virtually everything I wore had a pretty large bump poking through the shirt. Now, if someone does not mind that look, then I would definitely not be afraid to customize these in any way that you want to. On the other hand, if you’re planning on wearing these out, I would put some consideration into how much protrusion you really want coming out of your shirt.

The only other thing I noticed was that these particular forms were big enough that they really needed some adhesive added to keep them in place. I purchased some medical adhesive, and it seemed to help a great deal. But don’t expect these forms to stay in place without some kind of support. You will definitely need it.

So in the end I still think these are the absolute highest quality forms I’ve ever seen. But in my opinion, the sacrifice of convenience for that quality makes these forms something that I couldn’t wear on a regular basis. I would guess that it might take an additional 20-30 minutes to apply these forms each day if you were to wear them regularly, and then as much time again to take them off and properly clean them in the evenings. Compare this with the less expensive forms that while they don’t compare at all in realism can be just dropped into a bra and you can head out the door.

Since I am a transsexual who is living full time as a woman, I couldn’t imagine wearing these daily. But for someone who is looking for some forms to wear on occasion, or to a party, or something like that – these forms could be a lot of fun. And the fact that you can customize them to match your skin tone, and other preferences I think means that if you can spare the time – that the quality can’t be beat.

For more information, visit My Real Breasts.

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