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The Stories of Real Crossdressers

by mattie on June 29, 2008

The Conversation.

There’s a little secret within the crossdressing community that goes something like this: If people only knew how many men crossdress they’d be amazed at the stories of everyday guys who are crossdressers. It’s true. There are estimates that one out of every ten men would like to crossdress, or does so already – but as you might imagine it’s hard to pinpoint the exact number. To gauge how many, and what kinds of men like to wear women’s clothes though one only needs to look at the backgrounds and types of men that exist within the crossdressing community. What do you find? That crossdressers are EVERYWHERE!

A recent thread on the crossdressers forum reveals the variety of men that live their own adventure daily:

“I own my own electronics design biz building computer related gadgets for professional Powerpoint users.” -Christine

“I am a Paramedic and was a firefighter for 6 years.” – Amy

“Hi. I’m a plumber so am unable to dress at work although I sometimes underdress. When I’ve got paperwork to do at home I always dress as an office girl.” – Barbara

“I work in Primary Care Medicine.” – il

“I’m a carpenter doing mostly residential framing.” – Lisa

“I’m a retired carpenter/ structural maintenance mechanic/ truck driver.” – Jill

“I’m an electrical engineer.” – Pamela

“I’m a daytrader” – Seville

“Passenger Train Driver for government owned railway, I always go to work in fem panties and have worn bra, tights or panty hose in the cooler months.” – Kylie

“Cosmetologist (Hair stylist!), makeup artist, both conventional and permanent.” – Tami

“Medical Insurance Claims Analyst” – Nicole

“I’m a Firefighter and wear panties 24/7. God help me if I ever get hurt.” – Selene

“I currently overhaul hydraulic actuators for military aircraft.” -Serina

“Underground Coal Mining” – Karren

“A boeing 777 co-pilot. Nothing can explain the feelings of wearing pantyhose at 35000ft!” – KE

“I am a Computer Aided Drafter for the US Army Corps of Engineers.” – MixedEmotion

And the list goes on…

There’s this stereotype that the types of men that are most likely to cross dress are “feminine” or “gay” men that are easy to spot, that crossdressers must be underachievers and dress for the attention of other men. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In my case throughout college I was near the top of my class. I was a DJ on a radio station that covered most of a major metropolitian area, served as president of both my high school and college class – and was in the honors society of my area of study. I’ve since attained a Masters degree in my field and again graduated near the top of my class. Now I’m happily married and have started my own company. My story isn’t unique however. Many of the crossdressers you meet these days are successful fathers, husbands, men – who serve their companies, families, and country with honor and dignity – hardly the stereotype of “underachiever” at all.

If you don’t think you know a crossdresser, I can guarantee you do. Crossdresser stories aren’t hard to find at all.

Do you have a story? Share it below, or if you’d like to write something more contact me!

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