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There’s a little secret within the crossdressing community that goes something like this: If people only knew how many men crossdress they’d be amazed at the stories of everyday guys who are crossdressers. It’s true. There are estimates that one out of every ten men would like to crossdress, or does so already – but as you might imagine it’s hard to pinpoint the exact number. To gauge how many, and what kinds of men like to wear women’s clothes though one only needs to look at the backgrounds and types of men that exist within the crossdressing community. What do you find? That crossdressers are EVERYWHERE!

A recent thread on the crossdressers forum reveals the variety of men that live their own adventure daily:

“I own my own electronics design biz building computer related gadgets for professional Powerpoint users.” -Christine

“I am a Paramedic and was a firefighter for 6 years.” – Amy

“Hi. I’m a plumber so am unable to dress at work although I sometimes underdress. When I’ve got paperwork to do at home I always dress as an office girl.” – Barbara

“I work in Primary Care Medicine.” – il

“I’m a carpenter doing mostly residential framing.” – Lisa

“I’m a retired carpenter/ structural maintenance mechanic/ truck driver.” – Jill

“I’m an electrical engineer.” – Pamela

“I’m a daytrader” – Seville

“Passenger Train Driver for government owned railway, I always go to work in fem panties and have worn bra, tights or panty hose in the cooler months.” – Kylie

“Cosmetologist (Hair stylist!), makeup artist, both conventional and permanent.” – Tami

“Medical Insurance Claims Analyst” – Nicole

“I’m a Firefighter and wear panties 24/7. God help me if I ever get hurt.” – Selene

“I currently overhaul hydraulic actuators for military aircraft.” -Serina

“Underground Coal Mining” – Karren

“A boeing 777 co-pilot. Nothing can explain the feelings of wearing pantyhose at 35000ft!” – KE

“I am a Computer Aided Drafter for the US Army Corps of Engineers.” – MixedEmotion

And the list goes on…

There’s this stereotype that the types of men that are most likely to cross dress are “feminine” or “gay” men that are easy to spot, that crossdressers must be underachievers and dress for the attention of other men. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In my case throughout college I was near the top of my class. I was a DJ on a radio station that covered most of a major metropolitian area, served as president of both my high school and college class – and was in the honors society of my area of study. I’ve since attained a Masters degree in my field and again graduated near the top of my class. Now I’m happily married and have started my own company. My story isn’t unique however. Many of the crossdressers you meet these days are successful fathers, husbands, men – who serve their companies, families, and country with honor and dignity – hardly the stereotype of “underachiever” at all.

If you don’t think you know a crossdresser, I can guarantee you do. Crossdresser stories aren’t hard to find at all.

Do you have a story? Share it below, or if you’d like to write something more contact me!

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  1. my cousin babysitters dressed me in girl clothes at age 3 since the all wanted a niece,and my mom and her sisters said i was a pretty girl. so i kept dressing in cute clothes,supplied by my girl cousins and her freinds.i also dressed in boy clothes,but i really liked wearing dresses and other girl things.and then i had a baby sister, and another,and another!needless to say may cousins were happy! but they and their girlfriends were happiest when they were able to dress me up,which i loved to do!!i thought that panties and dresses were way more comfortable than stiff ,drab,boy stuff. my mom was a part time seamstress,so as my 3 sisters got older,she started sewing things for each of them for style shows, easter ,birthday parties and so on. as i was the same hight and weight i was the willing and able hemming model for all! and my sisters LOVED IT. they suggested wearing paties all the time,introduced me to training bras,full and half-slips,and later on pantyhose,and sexier panty and bra sets… and they and my cousins startedin on makeup….now, a bunch of years later, having fought wildfires,morked in underground mines and such,i still prefer dressing as a girl.. simply because girl/clothes not only feel better, but they also fit me better(sz 6/7) than male crap… it’s too bad that mid 1800 ideas,mostly due to strange religious ideas..regardless,i still prefer to wear soft,sometimes slinky things,and i ALWAYS stay in contact with my feminine side with no regrets other than closed minds/perseptions and certain religions until later may i say baraka bishad(may the blessings be)…peace to all of you, avalana

  2. Okay, please bare with me,
    I am 45, hetro, married 15 years with 3 children. My wanting to cross dress came out three weeks ago after I had (another) near breakdown. I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember and it is something my wife has had to deal with for as long as she has known me. Let me say that she is a wonderful person who has had to put with more than I can imagine in dealing with me and my issues.

    First, let me say that I am happy being born male and have no desire to change that. That being said;
    It was in the course of getting me to talk that the subject of my feminine feelings and cross dressing came up. As I spoke to her, tons of long repressed memories came back and from them my desire to cross dress came to light.

    The first time I put on women’s clothing I was ten or eleven, trying on my mother’s clothes when no one was home. It wasn’t a sexual thing, I just liked the look and feel of them and when I was dressed, I just felt right. I didn’t think of myself as a girl, just that wearing those clothes was something I should be doing. That continued for several years until she and my step dad divorced. After that I could no longer dress up without getting caught, and I was terrified of being outed, so I repressed that part of myself.
    All through high school and while in the military I found myself fantasying about dressing up, both in secret and publicly, I often wondered if I could pass as a real woman, but I was simply too scared to actually do it. After a time I managed to repress even this much of who I was inside.
    In the last few years, that fantasy started to come back, but that was all I would allow myself.

    As I can see now, from this side of admitting who and what I am, that my repressing my feminine side and desire to cross dress caused me a great deal of pain and suffering, and in the least made my depression worse. I truly wish that I could have dealt with this decades ago.

    Now, with the help and understanding of my wife, I am starting to address these issues. Not only has she supported me unconditionally, she is even helping me to discover the person I am inside. She wants me to be open and honest about my feelings and I am learning to do that. Not only that, but she has bought me my first few items of clothing and encourages me to wear them when ever possible.
    (These are under things only, we don’t want to bring this issue up with the children until they are much older. However, she has said that she wants to see me in full dress, as soon as we can have some time alone.)
    I can’t imagine going through this without her and it has brought us much closer together. I love her and trust her even more now than I ever thought possible.

    Looking toward the future,


    1. i do understand your situation. many of my girlfreinds have misunderstood my croessdressing., although having been raised the way i was,and the resoned i continued dressing in feminen clothes, is because they felt so nice,and right, not to mention way more comfortable…they fit me better…still do …may all your desires and needs hold true to you,baraka bishad…may the blessings be….with the best of wishes and thoughts love avalana

  3. I am a 56 years old, who has a wonderful wife that is supportive but careful about me cross-dressing. We call these outings. We have gone out together many times (shopping, dinner, sightseeing) mostly when out of town. I have cross dressed since my early teens. Last summer I had a opportunity of a life time. I needed to drive cross country by myself so I took the opportunity to make this a cross-dressing trip. My first day out I had my nails done and checked into a motel. The next morning I got up got dressed fully dressed (hip pads, breast form, wig, make up etc) in a tank top, skirt and blouse and head out on the road. The feeling of freedom was great. I stopped when I needed to (restroom, meals and gas) had not problems. That night I checked into the hotel totally dressed, no one seemed to care or notice. The next day was a hot one so I dressed in a light skirt and blouse (note a long sleeve one to cover arm hair, I had shaved my legs). Along the way I stopped and did some shopping and decided to purchase a bathing suit one that covered as much as it can (skirt type and high back). That evening I waited for the right time to go to the pool when there was no one around (late), what a trip. A young couple joined me while in the pool, but they stayed at one end doing there thing. I was able to get out and cover with a large towel with out incident. The next two days were again wonderful in that I was enjoying myself doing some of the day to day things dressed as a women. Being careful of course. One day when I was on the phone an calling for a reservation I could tell the gal on the other end seemed not sure when I spelled my name “Clara” with my voice, when I checked in that evening there were to gals at the counter and it was very busy and lots of people in the lobby. I over heard the one gal say to the over (you spelled it correctly “Clara” she is a women, again what a trip and whether they really noticed or not, they treated my as one.

    Take some chances, be careful but be yourself.

  4. why is it that no more humans write? do they care not? are we on a planet that cares not for ALL the inhabitants? no matter what? jeez,eh? at any rate ,peace dl

  5. why is it that no more humans write? do they care not? are we on a planet that cares not for ALL the inhabitants? no matter what? jeez,eh? at any rate ,peace dl and avalana

  6. My storie started when I was little I was adopted by my grand parence. I had two sisters and my grandma decited to dress me as a girl so that was the first time. I diden’t know then that I enjoyed it so much that I would go to any lenth to dress in any type of cloths of a girl.
    I’m a man and I don’t have any desire to be what I am not. Althought I have wanted to have someone elce make me up and I want to see how well I can pass as a women.
    My wife knows that I crossdress she dosnot care as long as I don’t tern gay on her. I love my wife and I don’t ever want to hert her so I only dress in private when she is at work. She works all day long and I work the grave yard shift so I have the day to myself when I’m. Not a sleep. For now things are working out fine and I think we all are happy so I don’t want to change a thing.
    I do ware my panties and my bra’s under my work cloths also. I don’t see anything wrong with it and I enjoy it. I’m just being me. Thankyou for reading my story and I hope your story is a good one.


    1. no problem…i’ve been wearing a bra (mostley stuffed,b-cups) and panties,at times ,not matching…but still this is who i am! iv’e worn only panties for all my life! when i did not, i wasn’t wearing any undies at all! p.s at the time, ( and this is somewhat rare) my panties and bra match! but then again, i’ve always dressed as a girl (more, not less), which has been a challenege, because when you wear panties, sooner or laaater, someone shall notice,and perhaps comment! at any rate, carry on, the best of luck,and do what nature tells you…peace, avalana

  7. hi….. I’m 57 i only wear panties or thongs…..have many women’s clothes that i love wearing…….my wife knows that i cross dress…we no longer have sex……..ive turned to having sex with men,witch she doesnt know……..i love my wife very much and id kill myself if i lost her

  8. now i seem to be all dressed up and nowhere to go…where is everybody?…is there nobody out there to read, or reply too? am i all alone? again? still?

    1. You’re not alone gurl…! I know how you feel, but there are many of us (and more all the time) out there who love and support you. Just be yourself and enjoy what life brings. Maybe a shopping trip to lift your spirits…?
      xoxo, Becki

  9. since I was 5 I have been wear female clothes as much as I can. every moment I can I crossdress. my wife does not approve my children have not commented. So when they are away I become my female self and I feel great normal. I encourage all males who wish to crossdress to do so, and be bold about it. it will take time but we cam be accepted.

  10. it may be awhile,what with this religious/political mess,we seem to be embroiled,but i truly think that the day is close that nobody shall take exception,to what anybody is wearing,at least i hope that backwards religious and political beleifs are dismissed as pure folly,but even if not,i shall keep on wearing (my sisters clothes) for as long as i live. #%##2 a bunch of politicians,and religious nutcases anyway.say NO to authority

  11. so now i’m the usual,bra,panties,(matching,this time) getting ready to clean our local really cool laundromat(solar power) slinky bra and panty set, beat-up sweats,and sweatshirt, no apron,but i don’t care, and an attitude have found that most often the girl is in the inside,it matters not what you wear on the outside it seems to be an idea,or attitude,i tend to use a light pink(very) lipstick(daily),and pass it off as sunscreen,but , despite claims,they haven’t found a panty that doesn’t leave a line

    1. I wear L’Oreal 800 Colour Riche Fiarest Nude lipstick and love the aroma, taste, creamy feel and, of course, the shade. It’s so close to my natural coloring that it is not too noticeable to others, but if I am not careful, I may leave my “mark” on a cup or glass. (I will sometimes do this deliberately when I am out to lunch or dinner.) It’s exciting, at least for me.

  12. I started CDing when i was 10 and i love the feel of it. I recently got my hot young aunts old bed room set and i found panties when i pulled the drawers out. I was like a kid in a candy store :)


  14. Hi! I started crossdressing when I was 12, (Two years ago!) and it’s sort of a fun hobby. I’m straight, and there is nothing more fun than being a girl. I have no sisters and my mom moved out last year, but I still have managed a collection, and I have plenty of tights (as they’re my favorite) and panties. Are shaved legs worth it? Really tough decision.

    1. yes indeed!shaved legs are worth it! if not essential!,i always keep myself hairless,which isn’t an issue,because i’m pretty much hairless as it is! so shave your legs,(try the venus shavers) and enjoy!

  15. I am a middle age cd who started dressing as a child. The overwhelming attraction to panties bras stockings heels and dresses nail polish and makeup has never gone away. I have gone to transformation boutiques and even gone out in public completely dressed as a woman. I am bisexual and enjoy both but would prefer to be with men. I probably should have become at least a preop transsexual if not a complete sex change as I know that inside I want to be a female. I constantly think about having sex dressed as a girl with men. I even have contemplated sex with men I know but that would expose me if it was rejected. I know when I was younger I had sex with an older gay man who was awesome in bed but when I told him that I was into fem clothes it was not taken very well and told me I could only wear those things at home. There must be some men who accept and encourage gay crossdressers and I hope to find a long term partner where I can become a full time girl. xox Diana

    1. i am also bi,and i totally understand what you mean!i met a wonderful man one night,but i held off until my golden birthday, and it was wonderful to say the least!he liked me as a girl as did his sisters,who helped me become his girlfriend,i’ll never forget what his sisters did for me,or how gently i was treated in his hands…after so many years being dressed like a girl,i finally felt what it was like to be loved and accepted as one

    2. Hi Diana: There are a lot of crossdressers that only want to be with others that dress in frilly silky lingerie. It is soooo relaxing to be dressed up with another gurl in frill lingerie an dresses. Have dressed since I was 11 years old an love to dress up an be with others. Love to wear nylon skirted onepiece swimsuits baby dolls vintage long sleeved long silky nightgowns satin bra panties satin an lace garterbelts nylons or Hanes Silk Reflection Thigh Highs high heels ect. cuddle kiss caress ab play in bed together. Take love to chat with you on yahoo messenger on there as–ccindyjo–

  16. I just started this a few weeks ago, I feel wonderful, to wake up in my camisole and panties feels so natural and comfortable.

  17. Hii
    My first time:
    I was about 17 I put on my girlfriends on by mistake, when I came back to bed her younger sister noticed, and comented that I had a little of queer in me. But neither got offended or seemed to mind.
    After that I started to wear girls panties, silky or lacy often and trying different styles. They felt so soft and sensuous and the made me feel so sexy and turned on.
    Since then I often wear panties under my clothes and no one knows.

  18. love to read about dressing I have been dressing since I was 5 (60) now married, my wife has no idea of my habit and if she find out be sure she will kill me, but I love to dress and since I work at home lonely most of the time I do my chores with bra and panty under my male clothes which is thrill for me occasionally I dress totally and look very femme

  19. hi i got caught tonight! i was doing laundry tonight and i wearing my favorite jeans,with a definitely girly top,with my b-cups in place and as i was bent over to get my clothes out of the washer,a girl walked in,and said”sweet jeans”,as i turned to look at her,my coat fell open and revealed my top with my breast forms in place,and she said “nice top as well”…what could i say but thank you? and then she asked me what kind of panties and bra i was wearing,and i blushed and said”victorias secret”..and then she asked me if i always wore womens clothes,and after a moment of silence,i said,”no, only misses”! she asked me what size,and i told her what all my sizes were,and she suprised me by saying that she would bring me a skirt tomorrow!!!! i can hardly wait!!!! i’ll let you know how it fits later!

  20. hi i did get a skirt from allison, she also brought he another, a leopard print,ankle length, and a sweet mini skirt,and a huge plus,a matched bra and panty set,and left a number to call,which i did…she said she wanted to see me dressed in her clothes,to which i said yes,i decided on the mini skirt and a cute top,got in my car and went visiting…..she met me at the door,and said”i want to see you with makeup on” and i said YES go for it..and before long,i looked like someone i would ask out on a date…what fun! more details later

  21. Like so many, I started dressing as a young teen. Althought there have been periods in my adult life that I did not dress, I seem to feel more comfortable when I do dress in womens’ clothing, even if it’s only lingerie. Oh, by the way, I am married and my wife supports this aspect of my personality.

  22. I have crossdressed since my teens, starting with stealing my mothers tights and working up from there. I have been caught before in public wearing lacy underwear (slightly embarrassing but the sex was good afterwards). I always wear women’s underwear, tights, panties, often a bra – in fact I no longer own any “men’s” at all.
    I am happy to share my secret with people I like and trust. Married and my lovely wife is very supportive so long as I keep it in the house. Of course, I push the boundaries as much as possible :-)

  23. What a wonderful diverse lot we are !
    So many of us with children, some even, like me,grandchildren.
    It’s great to know that others feel as I do
    I was always interested in ‘different’ clothing, as a teen clothes just to have color.
    Married, conservative, ‘he-man’ stuff like owning a sports shop.
    Loved, during marriage to have the occasional masturbate into my wife’s panties, so nice to wear.
    For the last few years though, as an engineer, living apart, I spend most of my days wearing a skirt, heels, a little makeup, even around the factory.
    Just feels better.
    Bi ? I don’t think so, still love to be with pretty women.
    But I do wonder what it would be like to have a man to make love to.
    Wonderful to hear from all you good folks, may we all enjoy being what we are.

  24. This is a nice sweet site for sharing. My story is similar. I started when I was 11 but still don’t know where the urge came from to try on the panties,training bra, pettislip, and one of the dressesI found in a box in the basement storeroom. It started then and 50 years later is still going.

  25. I’ve been a crossdresser for a long time I’m 62 now. I’m a man and I don’t think that the cloths makes the person what he or she is . I use Tammy as my femmie name but I’m a man and want to stay a man. Yes before I got married I told my wife that I dress and it was just for me . The way I feel and I relax this way. Like right now I’m waring my panties a bra a blouse and a skirt. Ho and a pair of heels.
    I don’t think the clothes make the person male or female. We were born what we are I like to ware these clothes I feel good in them and I think they fit me better. The shoes feel much better then my mens shoes.
    So we can lable every one as Gay,queer, Or what ever you feel. I don’t have any feeling of dating men . I do like helping my wife around the house from time to time you know womens work we men can do it too.
    You know speeking of wemons work they don’t call us gay because we do that it is work that must be done like washing clothes dishes cleaning the house. Well does that make me gay. I just like to do it dressed the way I want. The way I feel better . So dress up and try it just one time you well love it like I do.
    Wemon out there there are some of us that dress that don’t try to compete with you. You are the master of this. We just like to feel the clothing you ware and we like to enjoy it. My Doughter complained about bra’s I dont see what’s so bad about them.
    So next Time your man wants to dress help him. Let him see how it is . Tell him if he does not go over board you don’t mind . As long as he just dresses and not compete with you as a women it would be Ok . Remember I’m not a womon and I don’t want to be one but I cross dress every chance I get and I love it. Thank you

  26. hey im a 15 year old crossdresser and it started when i was little wearing my nannys panty hose. i will never forget the first time at age 10 i wore panties i stole them from my moms drawer and they were the best silky white panties. they have long since been ridden of and i now sneak my mothers thongs when she is gone wanting to get fully dressed and go out (; . have not found a way to yet. i spend most of my time with my girlfriend savanna

  27. I’ve been a crossdresser since I was 8 trying on my older sisters close. After my sister moved out, I started wearing my mothers close and her wig. Until I was 50 I would buy a nightgown, always a long one. Wear it a couple of times. Then through it out as I was ashamed at myself for wearing womens cloths. Then I met my wife. Before we ever slept together, I told her that I liked to wear womens cloths. I was crying as I told her. She was the first person I ever told my secret to. Later that day she came over to spend the night for the first time. She brought a nightgown for me to wear. We did get married and she has been so suportive of my crossdressing. She even helps me pick out cloths to buy. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
    And I say to all you out there, wear whatever makes you happy gurls.
    Love ya’ all,

  28. I’m a gardener, but I’m sorta jack-of-all-trades type. I’m done everything from construction style work to janitorial stuff, to tutoring for a computer. I even taught English as a second language to Chinese kids.

    I started crossdressing by accident. My brother dressed me up for a play when I was 6 (it was a skit on Branch Davidian), and again later. I started trying on my sister’s clothes at age 14. Fifteen years later, I’ve actually worked up the nerve to buy some of my own clothes, which is good because I was feeling kinda depressed, like a part of me was missing.

  29. I have been a cd since I was 10 mostly panties infill I got a lady I babysat for when I was 13 she came home early one night and caught me one of her dresses and heels I was soo embarrassed but she wasn’t mad after that night I spent a Lott of time as her niece she really helped me

  30. Such resonating comments. I’m mid 50s with kids and a fairly normal professional career. I started dressing up in my mothers clothes when I was about 12 and couldn’t believe how much better I felt while I was dressed that way. I started taking risks like using her makeup and keeping her panties on after I’d returned everything exactly to where it had been in her drawers and so on. Half an hour before my siblings started arriving home from school, I’d madly get the makeup off and hope there was no staining or residual parts. About the second or third time I ever masturbated to orgasm, I was dressed in her clothing and it was an amazing step up.
    By the time I was higher teens I’d pretty well forgotten the CD thing.
    About seven years ago while living overseas, I had an (on-going to this day) affair with an adventurous woman who used to wear my T-shirts to bed. She jokingly (I think) suggested that I could wear her clothes and was sexually excited when I first wore her panties and bra. Things progressed to me wearing full outfits that she’d worn during the day when we ate in. She would put on my day’s clothes and we adored undressing each other before making love. These days she sends me her panties from time to time and we model for each other over Skype before masturbating on cam for each other. All of that has reignited my CD love and I’ve started dressing for my own pleasure but only undergarments. I’ve just bought my first bra and am excitedly waiting to acquire inserts. I haven’t told her yet but I’m sure she’ll be knocked out when I tell her. In the meantime, I keep my pleasure a very guarded secret. Unfortunately my wife isn’t terribly enlightened sexually or philosophically. I know she would freak out and I just don’t want to hurt her like that. I think she’d be happier (comparatively), learning of my affair.

  31. Hi! I have crossdressing since I was 10! It started with my mom’s clothes and some of my sisters! As I have gotten older I purchase my own clothes! I am 33 years old! I also like telling people that the clothes are for me! Just brings a satisfaction!

  32. Hello ladies! Well I’m 17 soon to be 18 and I have been crossdressing since I was 10 but haven’t told one of my five sisters till I was 16 after admitting my sexuality.
    Ever since I began, I have been getting caught continuously by my mother with her panties in my room. As I got older my obsession over women’s clothing has increased, therefore, getting caught with more and more clothing in my room. Each time we’ve been having talks about “me wanting to be a girl” or “me being gay”. Since me and my mom were never really that close, I could not admit anything to her.
    Only once have I been caught with a bright red lacy undershirt on. I have never been accepted by my mother but she has also remained in denial. Avoiding the idea of my sexuality as well as my interests/habits. Now that I will be 18 and living with an open minded sister and her family, I will soon be living an amazing life as a female half the time.
    There will always be that one person, maybe more, who will accept or even like what you do in your lifetime. Sometimes it’s much easier if you just comeout to the right person. I will crossdress till the day I die.

  33. hey, im julianna (my fem name) im 15 and i looove crossdressing.
    It all started when i had a dream when i was 9 years old… i was twirling around in a skirt, and have lots of fun…
    after a while, i thought about this dream, and i went to my sister’s room, took one of her school skirts, and twirled…
    it felt amazing….
    that was the moment i knew i was a crossdresser…
    that night when she was asleep, i took all her dresses, tried them on, and felt more beautiful than ever before.
    I never told anyone and still havent today. Its my dirty little secret…
    When i got older, i wondered what was in my mom’s closet cuz i always thought they wouldnt fit…
    one day when i was like 11 or 12, i went in there and tried some stuff on, and some stuff did fit… i mainly liked the dresses, and i hoped to find a strapless dress, but i never did…
    I ALWAYS wanted to wear a strapless dress, and i still havent today, but i will soon.
    When i hit 13, i stopped wearing my sister’s clothes, and just wore mom’s. that was when i got more into it and wore panties and bras. that was really fun.
    eventually, she got more cute dresses, and since she had a HUGE wardrobe, i would just take them, and she would never notice… and she still hasnt today.
    the next year i learned that crossdressing was a “sin” and i stopped for about a good 6 months, til i realized… its just wearing clothes… how is that a sin?
    so i went back into it, and i wore the best dress i could find of my mom’s: her wedding dress :D
    it barely fit, but it was still a great feeling.
    Now, in the summers, i try to have an every night “fashion show” in my room when i experiment with different clothes of my mom’s.
    sometimes i like to wear all of them at once so i’ll have a skirt on top of a skirt on top of a dress on top of a blouse on top of another blouse and on top of another blouse with hose. amazing feeling.
    I will continue in the future, and i cant wait to be able to buy my own clothes.
    I want a wife who will let me crossdress, and be a woman and a man. Im still deciding whether i wanna transistion, but right now, im straight.
    I would like an mtf wife, so we can share crossdressing stories and paly dress up together… that would be fun.
    I love crossdressing, and i wont let anyone not let me be myself. girl power.
    love, Julianna <3

  34. I have read soooo many of articles, and all are great.
    When the ones that are of those still in hiding. What matters
    Is Finding YOURSELF and een more so ACCEPTING
    yourself for who you are.

    I am a 30 something cd. And like most have early memories of
    Trying on p-hose as early as age 6-7 an then again in my teens
    With my sisters rights bras and panties. I remember joining the
    HS swim team just so I’d have an excuse to shave my legs and try
    On p-hose that way. Also, like most, I have bought and purged many things, many times due to my own personal guilt/shame. What I’ve come to realize is until we accept ourselves we can’t never expect someone else to. I had a GREAT GF that I very fearfully came out to and she completely accepted my cd-ing and even went out with me in dress. The problem, I always felt like she was doing it just to appease me and therefore always shy’d away from dressing around her and even redirected the subject when she brought up if I had dressed lately or wanted to with her. I let my own insecurities cause me to push her away and finally leave her. My point is she NEVER had an issue with my dressing. I was ME! Today she remains a good friend an recently after a photo shoot she did in lingerie she commented maybe I would like to do a photo shoot. I told her I HADENT been working out enough lately, and she laughed and pointed at her picture in lingerie and said, “no silly, like this”. Even then, I quickly became inner scared AND ASHAMED and changed the subject. So it seems I still have
    A Long way to go to self acceptance. I hope anyone who reads this post finds it somewhat useful if for nothing else to know your not alone but that what we do is NOT BAD JUST NOT UNDERSTOOD BY MAINSTREAM.

    May you all find your inner strength and peace to be who you are
    Inside! Whether that be str8, bi, gay, trans, or even a girl trapped in a boys body. Your all unique and VERY SPECIAL!

    Lanie Las Vegas

    1. Lanie, she wouldn’t have suggested if she wasn’t interested. She touched a part of you that she likes. I think you should talk with her and tell her that sometimes you feel ashamed, but you appreciate her kindnesses. I myself started wearing panties a year ago or so after forgetting to bring my underpants on a trip. My wife tossed me a few pairs of her panties and when I put them on, wow what a great feeling. Now I just wear panties. Forgot a few months ago and went to the doctors for a physical and had satin hi cuts on. I was a little surprised that I didn’t recoil when he came in and I was in panties. Now I have a stash of fem stuff that I love to put on, but NO ONE knows. I don’t feel ashamed, but I’d be mortified if someone walked in on me while I was in a sissy dress and petticoat with hose, breast forms, a wig and high heels and makeup. What? But it’s really fun to dress up like a woman. It’s just fun for me. I don’t personally feel guilty, just dont want my family knowing this side of me. For me it’s private.

  35. I have been dressing for 25 years now and have graduated to tailored clothes ( we can easily afford them in India) and have a full cupboard of all types of clothes. My wife is very supportive and halls me but stuff that I need. She also occasionally surprises me with some jewellery.
    I wear panties every day to work and after work slip into feminine wear every day. Even though I have a high stress job, this habit has kept my blood pressure 120/80
    I just need two things. Wigs and silicone breast forms. I have not yet gone out and hope to do so one day

    1. Hey Vinita

      You’re so lucky you have such a supportive wife! I’ve been looking for wigs too but can’t seem to find any. Where are based in India?


  36. I have been CDing since as far back as I can remember (5 y/o appx) . My first wife did not exept it, she would find my cloth and throw them away. I really hated her for doing it, what gave her the right? she new I crossdressed before we married. Anyway since my devorce I remarried ,my new wife supports me and helps me with finding cloths that fit and match. Oh. I am 48 y/o. I learned a long time ago that the pretty cloths are the smaller sizes, Im a 14,used to be a 10, working on getting to 12,maybe some day a 10 again.

  37. Hi, I am a CD and I am straght and have been since I was 5 or so, I’m 23 now. It all started because of my cousins and my sister. They would dress me up in dresses, leotars and many other things. The fist few times they did it I was mad and didn’t want to be dressed as a girl; but by the third time I really started to like it and would continue to wear it even when they stopped playing. Then after a few years I stopped doing it because i was told it was wrong. I was 7 when i stopped, but one day when I was 13 i had an urge to try on panties, so I went into my moms room found her underwaer and picked out a silky pair of panties I LOVED THEM!! The next day i went to see what other pairs I could find and thats when I tried on my first thong. Now I wear thongs and panties all day every day (thongs are the best) and i dress fully as a girl any chance I have. I had a girl friend that loved to see me dressed a would buy me clothes and let me where hers. I wish I had another girl that would understand me like her. I would also like to meet some other CDs and learn some things from them. my Email is pyro-778 at hotmail.

  38. This is a great website where we, crossdressers, can communicate and talk about our mutual passion. I was always interested in girls’ clothing as a young boy in the 50’s. I especially loved the crinolines that the girls used to wear under their full circle or poodle skirts. I was always trying to position myself so that I could get a perfect view of the frilly display of froth under a dress or skirt. It really used to turn me on. I then began to read about and see on television men dressed in women’s clothing. I particulary remember Milton Berle who used to dress as a woman with frilly crinolines under his dress, heels, padded bra, nylons, glorious wig and full makeup. Wow, I was mesmerized and turned on by such a feminine picture realizing it was a man. I think that was the ignition point for me, seeing men on TV or in the movies dressed as girls or women. Finally one day I asked my boyfriend’s sister if she would dress me up in her clothes with makeup and she agreed. One day she (Marilyn was her name) and her girlfriend dressed me fully as a girl using her bras padded with socks, panties, garter belt, nylon stockings, full slip, huge crinoline, poodle skirt, blouse, high heels, ladies hat(n0 wig) and full makeup especially a lot of red lipstick. They then took me out and paraded me about the neighborhood as Marilyn’s cousin. Of course, we fooled no one. They all knew it was me dressed up as a girl. I suffered the consequences of being branded a “pansy, sissy, panty boy, girly boy etc.” However the overwhelming joy I felt in being so fully dressed as a girl made me realize I was different from other boys. Later on I learned the terminology of this unique passion I had. I was a crossdresser. Now several decades later I am still as passionate about crossdressing as I was as a young teenage boy. I have more feminine underwear and skirts, dresses, blouses than I have male clothing. I never married as I felt my unusual interest would be a turn-off to women. However I read in these comments that many crossdressers have been lucky enough to match up with women who support their special interest. You are very lucky.

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