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Gold Seal Breast Forms Review – TBFS

by mattie on November 22, 2010

For MTF crossdressers or transgender individuals, breast forms can really help with “passability”. Not only do breast forms add weight to your chest, which in turn naturally causes the shoulders to settle back into a more feminine position, but they also visually add curves to an otherwise masculine frame that can help a person blend in better (or stand out) as a female.

For some people it might be strange to think of breastforms has helping someone “blend in”, especially when you try some on for the first time. If you’ve never worn forms before, or aren’t used to having the extra weight on your chest it feels like they really stand out – but that’s not necessarily true. If the goal is to look like a natural female, then it’s important to mimic a natural female look as much as possible. While there certainly are genetic women in the world who are completely flat chested, the majority of girls are not. So having a shapely chest is as natural as not having a beard. So even if it feels strange at first, chances are you look a lot more natural with them than without them.

My personal objective and preference in having breastforms is to “blend in”, not to stand out. But certainly there are those who would be more interested in standing out – and for those people there are large forms that scream “HELLO!” Since my objective is to develop are more natural look, I have chosen forms that should hopefully compliment my frame, and look normal for what one might expect for a genetic girl in my family.

Crossdresser Breast Forms

The right breast forms can really help make feminine clothing look more natural on your body.

I’ve been a customer of The Breast Form Store for many years (ordered my first pair of forms in 2003), and have been very satisfied with both the forms and the service. I recently added a second pair of forms to my wardrobe, and decided to review the entire process. Since there are many pictures of the forms over at TBFS website itself, I’ve not taken pictures of the forms themselves here – but instead I’m focusing on purchasing process, shipping, and how they look on my chest and with my wardrobe. For more detailed information about the product itself, please see The Breast Form Store website.

Product Choice:

The Breast Form Store offers a lot of different choices in different types of forms, and even accessories to go with the forms. I’ve only purchased the Premium Attachable Asymmetrical Forms. Personally I like these forms because they are specifically shaped for your right and left sides which I think helps them fit a bit more naturally.


Sizing on the website is pretty easy to figure out, and depends on two things: 1. What your existing chest size is, and 2. What kind of end result you are looking for. Since my chest (below my bust) is about 44 inches, I selected the size 7, which should give me a “B” cup, size 8 should give me a “C” cup and would also probably be acceptable for my frame.


Ordering was easy on the site. The first time I ordered I actually had a question about what size I should go with, and was able to email customer service and I got a prompt response within a day. The order process itself is very straight forward on the site.


Each time I’ve ordered from The Breast Form Store the order has arrived within a few days. My last order was sent via USPS priority mail, and was delivered within 3 business days. The forms are packaged well, and each form comes in its own box that is moulded specifically for that form. It protects them really well during shipping, and these boxes are a great way to store your forms when not in use.

Breast Form Store SHipping Box

This is how the box looks when it arrives at your front door. The return address just looks like a residential address, and doesn't mention anything connected with TBFS. You can't tell what's inside at all.

Inside the breast form shipping box

Here's the inside of the box. It's packed well, and includes instructions, a packing slip, and a few flower petals!


For me, privacy is extremely important. And here The Breast Form Store does a great job. The forms are sent in a plain brown box, and the return address is a standard address that looks like a residential address. There is no company name associated with the shipping label at all, and no way that anyone who looked at the package would know that it contains breast forms inside. Your privacy is absolutely protected all the way to your front door. I was glad to see this.

About the Forms:

The forms themselves are of excellent quality. You can read about the construction of the forms on their website, but I can testify to the fact that they are soft, they feel natural, and once the forms warm up to the temperature of your body they feel very natural. Additionally, while they warn on the website and in the instructions included with the order about not sleeping on the forms, and being gentle with them (I agree!) I can testify to the fact that the forms are of good quality. Normal bumping of the forms, and normal use will not damage these forms – they will last for many years with proper care.

TBFS Box Forms Mould

This is the mould that holds the breast forms. The forms rest perfectly in the box. This is a great way to store your forms when not in use!

The Effect:

The effect of having properly sized breastforms is quite immediate! I’ve included pictures of what my chest looks like without any forms on, and then the picture with the form to give a feel for the effect. I think there’s a tendency for first timers to want to be sure they get “big enough” forms, but I would point you to the sizing chart and recommend that you consider a “B” or “C” size form. If your interest is in going out and really getting noticed that’s one thing, but if you want to just run errands in girl mode some day, or have a nice evening out – I think going for a more average size is quite big enough. You can see the dramatic effect these forms have on how my chest looks in the pictures below.

My chest and a camisole

Here is my chest with a camisole (no forms)

Brest Forms with Camisole

Here's a similar picture while wearing the forms. Quite a dramatic difference!

One thing you’ll notice in these closeups is that the corners of the forms themselves are indeed visible on my chest. It would be difficult I think to wear really low cut tops or dresses that would reveal this line. This particular top I’m wearing helps obscure the visibility of the forms themselves against my chest. Even though the color of the chest blends well with many skin types, I personally feel that I can’t expect to be able to wear really low cut, or revealing tops with these forms (or perhaps any forms for that matter). Even so, I’m not sure that I’d choose to wear really low cut tops anyway since I’m not particularly looking for this kind of attention from strangers.

A slight outline of the forms (shiny) can be seen in this closeup. This problem can be solved by waring an opaque top, lace, or just a higher neckline.

This problem can be solved with a camisole, or with tops like the one I’m wearing in these pictures. Overall, I think the effect is very nice, and gives me a natural “B” to “C” look without overdoing it. Compared with my bare chest, the forms help fill out the clothes very nicely.

One note about these forms, they are mildly “perky”, meaning that with a thin bra and thin shirt you will see two bumps that make you look just a little bit cold all the time. I will usually put a small piece of cotton in front of the forms to avoid this look, but many people might prefer this look. They are not overly noticeable, and certainly not in bad taste. But my preference is for no bumps with most outfits. TBFS offers a variety of accessories that can even enhance these bumps more if desired.


This pair of forms shipped with a bag of adhesive strips that can be used to attach the forms to your chest. This I think can be helpful depending on the type of bra you choose to wear with the forms. Personally I rarely if ever use the adhesive because I usually wear full coverage bras that hold the forms in place very well. But if you had a strapless bra, or if you wanted to wear a plunge-style bra you’d probably want to use this adhesive because it will help the forms from moving out of place.

Breast forms with adhesive

Here you can see the bag of extra adhesive strips that TBFS sent along with these forms.

However, once the forms have been on your chest for about 10 minutes they tend to want to stay in place anyway. Even with walking around, going up and down stairs etc, I don’t find the forms coming off my chest or moving around much. They hold to my body quite well if you wear a properly sized bra.


I’m definitely a fan of these Gold Seal Forms from TBFS. I’d recommend them without any reservations whatsoever. There are certainly cheaper forms out there that can be purchased, but with both orders of mine from The Breast Form Store I’ve been pleased with the consistent quality, great customer service, and their commitment to my privacy. It’s well worth paying for a superior product, and a trustworthy customer experience. And having a product guarantee against defects is something you won’t easily find.

Compete product information available at

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Tanya W November 29, 2010 at 4:27 pm

Thanks, Mattie, for this thorough review of the entire breast form process.

As a transperson actively exploring womanhood more and more, the form issue has come up a fair bit. To form or not to form? If the first, how do I make my decision? And what might I realistically expect in terms of results? All this and more was answered in your post, making my journey through one aspect of this terrain a little easier.

With appreciations,



mattie November 29, 2010 at 4:55 pm

Hey Tanya,

I’m so glad this post was helpful for you. I too debated whether or not to get forms, but in the end I’m really glad I did. Thanks for your comment!


Angie December 16, 2010 at 11:10 am


I too have had wonderful experiences with TBFS. I have ordered at least 3 pairs of breast forms myself. I have not had any issues with any pair. I still have my very first pair! I thought I’d add something about my experience with my first pair I ordered. I ordered a larger size and although it wasn’t too large for my frame it did make me a D or largish D cup size – This made it difficult to find pretty bras to fit me. Also many times I would see a great top I’d like to wear but had to retrain myself because it wouldn’t be something someone with such a large bust would dare wear in public. :-( It seemed all I could find were boring old undergarments. Although I briefly enjoyed the “welcome to the troubles of a woman” thought about this inconvenience I didn’t wait too long before I ordered a pair that was one size smaller.

This is one point that I see rarely mentioned along with the other points about getting breast forms that are too big. True if you are going to blend in and be able to wear pretty bras and clothes then you should consider a realistic size.

Also I would like to encourage anyone to consider attaching their breast forms if possible. The feeling can not be matched. Bras and tops to fit much nicer. Once you are used to them. You are able to stop worrying about slippage and you can also go bra less! Although a true woman is rarely bra less she is often lying around the house in a t-shirt only and you can then feel the true weight of the forms. This is a very unique and surreal feeling itself. Also you can also start wearing more strapless bras, backless dresses, bra tops (which are awesome!) and more!

Tip: The adhesive pack on some breast forms comes with a velcro piece that allows you to remove the forms easily and re-attach as needed. I recommend this especially if you fear being caught. It can make for a quick get away ;-) because you if you attach them with more stronger adhesive it can take some time to remove the forms. The adhesive that comes with the breast forms are great. Trust me you should be hairless on your chest while attaching any sort of breast form. However for all-day (or even multiple day) wear you should consider medical adhesive (look for Stomahesive – check at your local specialty pharmacies). Never sleep in a bed with your forms – but you can sleep in a recliner or stay up all night! First apply the skin-prep that came with your forms. This is a substance that removes oils from your skins surface and help create a better bond. You should be careful not to damage the forms as this is not recommended or supported by TBFS but if you follow some simple guidelines you will be just fine. The secret is to remove them slowly in the shower running warm water over them until you create a crease between each form and your chest. Then spray the warm water into that crease. A massage shower head is very helpful here. Once loosened the forms will start to ease off your chest (10-15min hot showers usually required). Then some adhesive residue is left on you and the forms. Next soak the forms in warm water and you will see the residue start cauliflowering and can be easily wiped off. As far as your chest you will have to run more warm water over it rubbing your chest were they were attached semi-vigorously until all residue is removed. At times some slight residue remains but rarely and if that does happen no problem it will come off in the next shower you take.


Tanya January 24, 2011 at 1:22 am

Mattie and Angie,

Thanks both for replying to my post on this subject. One question that arose after reading Mattie’s intial words was whether breast forms would allow me not only to look more like a woman, but also feel more this way. Angie, reading between the lines, I am guessing your answer would be ‘Yes!’ If either of you felt moved to address this subject more directly, though, I would be an avid reader.

As mentioned, I am relatively new to exploring transwomanhood. I have begun, though, to incorporate ‘breasts’ into dressing. Not forms at this point – good old plastic bags with rice! – but it has been a marvelous experience. I am very happy with a ‘B’ cup and delighted at all the beautiful bras/clothes I have been able to find for this size, at how wonderful my breasts make me look and feel. I do play up to a ‘C’ from time to time, but suspect the slightly smaller cup might be where I settle.

Appreciations, Mattie, for this wonderful site. I do check back every few days and feel a rush of excitement whenever something new has been put up. When there’s nothing, I feel a little bit sad but then smile knowing there are so many older articles I have yet to read.

Sean D December 16, 2010 at 4:23 pm

I want to say thank you for sharing this information. I really new to cross dressing and figuring out my gender identity, However I know I’ve suppressed these feeling for to long and now it time for me to find who i really am inside. Thank you for the Article its provided to be very helpful to me.
Sean .D


sasha December 20, 2010 at 4:49 pm

Thank you for this excellent review of the breasts. I have recently started crossdressing and I’ve considered purchasing some forms. I’ll look into these for sure. Also thanks for the tips on how to wear them.


CD-Coyote December 31, 2010 at 11:38 pm

Greetings! What would you suggest for a first time form buying newbie? Specifically, im looking for something low cost just to get a feel for it. I could easily afford something like this, but want to get a better feel for it before going all the way with high quality forms. Thanks for any info you can provide 8-)


Jamie June 9, 2011 at 11:33 pm

OMG I’m so glad i discovered this site. doing so has really helped with some reset depression.

So about 7 months ago i made the choice to stop denying it and i just went for it. I really don’t recommend this for everyone but i was lucky to find a workplace that allowed me to be a girl.
so 7 days a week i am a girl. Its been a rough road at times, especially in the beginning ( having no clue what i was doing nor any mentors) but here i am now, proud of who i am.

Almost everyone at my job knows the truth about me ( that’s hundreds ). i guess the point of this is to say this: “I’m glad i found kin. I felt really alone. Ive been under a spotlight ever since i started this and its been terrifying.”

about TBFS, love them its awesome how i can call them with the most embarrassing questions and they always answer them professionally, and the Gold seal forms i got 7 months ago are still great. I realize now that they are a Little too small and will be ordering an upgrade pair here in a few weeks. For anyone considering ordering forms i really recommend calling TBFS and just asking them right out. i did not do this in the beginning and had always struggled with band size. But i finally called ans asked and learned a lot about what i was doing wrong.

I would love to be able to really Talk to some other people like me. and I’m willing to share all I know.


Rrr October 30, 2011 at 7:25 am

I would like to trans :(

But I can’t..! I can’t


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