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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

by mattie on October 18, 2010

In crossdresser and transgender circles halloween is often referred to as a favorite time of year. It’s not so much that a CD or TG person is more into ghost and goblin costumes than the next person, but that for many people it’s the only day of the year that they can dress how they really want to. For many people, it’s their first experience being able go out in public and not risk being “outed” as a crossdresser or transgender person, and for those with significant others it can be a good time to share in the joy of dressing up.

If you’re thinking of crossdressing for halloween here are some tips to consider:

– First, don’t be afraid to consult your wife or girlfriend for advice. If you’re going to dress as a girl, it is going to be really helpful to have their outside opinion on which halloween costume flatters your figure, and any tips on applying makeup (especially if you aren’t experienced doing it). Don’t be afraid – TONS of people are crossdressing for halloween, it’s your time of year to shine!

– Find a great crossdresser halloween costume. There are tons of great options out there now days for crossdressers. Go to the local thrift store (they won’t bat an eye normally, but it’s especially normal in October for people to shop for all kinds of clothing), check out sites like Amazon, or Ebay. You might even be able to borrow some clothes (with permission!). There are lots of ways to be resourceful and find a great costume.

– Spend some time practicing – you’ll have more fun if you do more than just find a great costume! Leading up to the big day you can spend time practicing how to make your voice more feminine, how to walk in a more feminine way, and work on your female persona. Don’t miss this opportunity to do the things you’ve always wanted to do in working on your voice, or the way you walk, or something else.

– Don’t forget about safety. Even though crossdressing is popular and widely accepted on halloween don’t forget to be safe. Think like girls do, and go out with at least one other person. Besides, it can be a lot more fun if you can get your wife or girlfriend to join in on the fun and go out too. Going it alone is never the safest option.

– Don’t forget to have a good time. Even though it might make you nervous, try and relax and have a good time. Don’t worry if your costume or outfit isn’t perfect, or if you didn’t get your makeup perfectly correct – tonight is about creativity and fun.

Are you planning on going out crossdressed for halloween? I’d love to hear your tips, stories, or advice about it! Comment below.

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