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Doctors and Nurses and Techs, oh my!

by beth on August 22, 2014

During my extended absence from these pages, I had the most extensive interaction with the medical profession that I’ve had in my entire life, by far. Indeed, likely every other previous encounter combined would not have amounted to a quarter of what I’ve experienced in 2014. This experience covered the full range of treatment from […]

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In Requium

by beth on August 13, 2014

I have to tell you upfront that if the site had been functioning properly over the weekend, you may very well not have been reading this particular post at this particular time. I try to at least maintain the illusion of regularity with these posts and I had resolved to myself that no later than […]

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Plus Size Lament

July 31, 2014

A trans woman locks her car on a Saturday afternoon and strolls happily across the parking lot towards the door of the local shopping mall in Anywhere, USA. Confidently, her self doubt years in the past, she browses through the shops and kiosks not so much hoping to buy is just enjoying the day out […]

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Lovin’ the Purses!

July 23, 2014

Other than shoes, there may be no bigger magnet for the girl who loves to shop than purses. Like shoes, of course, the dilemma is that the more you want that adorable purse the less able you are to afford it. Unless of coarse you are blessed with an abundance of cash, which most of […]

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The Doctrine of Trans, Part 2

July 13, 2014

Okay, okay so it was a little more than a week. I should have known better than to say “next week”! So, getting on with it. If you are reading this post not having read the last previous one you should probably read it first for context. The subject at hand is “clobber verses” from […]

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The Doctrine of Trans

June 29, 2014

Let me offer a disclaimer at the very beginning of this column: if you are a hard-core skeptic when it comes to the subject of religion, this is probably not the best reading material for you. I do not presume to entertain the question here of whether or not any given religious view is correct. […]

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What about her?

June 22, 2014

So I’m going to begin this week with a little bit of “behind-the-scenes” by way of setting up what I have to say. One of the things I normally do while writing for this blog is to review the comments that are submitted for possible approval. I can only approve or reject comments on the […]

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Is/Is Not A Man

June 11, 2014

Hello ladies, I’m back! Anyone still out there? Before I begin let me apologize for my extended absence. I suffered serious injury at my day job which seriously impacted on my ability to type (and still does!). I’m learning, slowly, to use Dragon Dictation but between my poor proofreading skills and Dragon’s occasional decent into […]

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Kobayashi Maru

January 29, 2014

Last year at this time I was mulling over the idea of investing in the long series of “Understanding” columns which got me into some very serious territory for a few months. Towards the end of that, one of my best friends among my fellow trans women suggested to be that perhaps I was leaning […]

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Variations on a Theme

January 22, 2014

One of the issues trans people inevitably face, after they come to terms with who they are, in the question of what to do about it – specifically, whether or not to embrace it, whether or not to come out, whether or not to transition (where applicable), whether or not to seek medical options. So […]

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